How did Invitation to Life start?

For many years prior to founding IVI, Yvonne Trubert received people in her home to help and comfort them. Her method was simple: to listen, understand and love unconditionally. Her aim was to give people who visited her a new perspective on life and a new impetus: when one feels loved, one sees things differently.

She invited a handful of these men and women to help accomplish an ever-growing task. These were people from all walks of life whose differences might very well have caused them to clash. Instead, they began to work together with a common denominator of love they received and would in turn try to give.

In this spirit, they founded the association Invitation to Life in February 1983 and opened the first centre in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris, in France. Today there are 16 centres in France and IVI is present in over 40 countries worldwide.