Another perspective on our body

When all is well we hardly think of our body except in terms of looks. When it inflicts pain on us, we have a tendency to consider it like a piece of machinery gone a little rusty. What if we were to look at our body as the temple of God…

We are responsible for our body

We have responsibilities at work, at home, but do we stop for a moment to take stock on the state of our body ? Do we accept responsibility for it ? We wash very quickly, have a shower or a bath and get dressed without noticing what our body represents.

To love one’s body

I believe that there are two things about the human body we must be aware of : to love it first of all and look at it as a masterpiece – it is God’s work, not ours. No artist, sculptor in this world is capable to make a human body and to make it live. It is God’s work in all its greatness, in all its beauty. Then comes taking care of it, e.g. to know that we can only serve God if we begin to view our body differently. The body must live but we must make it live in the most subtle way, by giving it what it expects of us and that can only be done through love. »

Yvonne Trubert

Nothing can replace the human body. It is the most wonderful power-station in the world. It is given to us to nurture. When we see it in all its glory, it is a garden of Eden. So to become responsible for one’s body is also to become aware of one’s own divine dimension. The body is God’s living temple.

God’s temple

« God created man in his image » says the Bible. This means that God is hiding deep within us. We are all carriers of his life. We are God’s permanent reflection. We reflect him in all our actions, thoughts, in the way we look at people, our gestures. We are his children.

The first thing to realise when we become aware of being God’s children, is how beautiful our body is.

Whether plump, small, skinny, young or not so young, is of no importance. The body remains beautiful. To nurture it is not only to cover it with creams and ointments but above all to provide it with divine nourishment. In order to live it needs to receive divine love through prayer.


Understanding our body suggest a reconciliation with ourselves. This means to stop punishing and mistreating ourselves. Understanding this may sometimes be painful. Through illness the body sends us messages which we must try to understand. The pain which is expressed through our body is the only thing that can stop us. In our eyes the divine temple then becomes a rusty machine. But without pain, human beings would never stop to think about their state of mind. Illness is the opportunity to journey within towards transformation, towards learning to listen and respect what we are. However pain is not compulsory. Man’s awareness should not necessarily come through the medium of pain. To do so, we need to start realising that God gave us a soul and a body. We need to acquaint ourselves with this dimension in order to feel God in us. We need to love ourselves.