La corruption

Being or Having

Whenever anyone mentions corruption, we immediately tend to think of dishonest practices concerning money. These exist. But the real danger is corruption of one’s being.

Corruption of the spirit

Corruption suggests bribery, backhanders and dodgy business deals. But true corruption has much deeper origins than this. It mainly resides in the human spirit, it has infiltrated man’s heart in such a way that all one’s life is reduced merely to the pursuit of money or power. The moment we want to prove we’re superior, the moment we lose self respect and respect of others, corruption sets in.

Social class is also corruption…

When social status cuts us off from one another, we forget the essential human quality of brotherhood.

Christ warned us against all the pillars of society: the merchants of the temple, the pharisees and their moral code which he upset. Today, we’ve created the same world all over again and look how proud and happy we are to belong to these social elites! We’ve created strcutures that prevent the classes mixing, to keep the public in a state of fragility and preserve a climate ripe for war. So the middle class doesn’t speak to the shopkeepers, the educated man avoids the workers and so on… People have been separated according to social layers as if inferior and superior people really existed. But if we want our earth to live, humans have to know and fraternise with one another.”

Yvonne Trubert

Forsaking dignity

Corruption starts the moment men are enchained. Loss of dignity is the first step towards servitude. The fact that minds can be bought with money is a real problem. It means that nothing has intrinsic value anymore and that the notion of family, social or spiritual responsibilities have all disappeared. When money is the only thing that gives us the feeling of being alive, it’s because we’ve built up walls to keep other people out and to keep out the very essence of what we are. Is this really what it means to live in an evolved or liberated society?

What is « success » ?

Who doesn’t wish to “succeed”? If you don’t “succeed”, people think you’re a failure. So you have to succeed. And there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to climb that little bit higher, we scheme and compromise our consciences…This is how people climb without ever noticing that they’re being manipulated and when they get to the top, they become aware of the emptiness, the nothingness and the lack of friendship. That’s when the trouble starts. We wish we could go back. Depression sets in, we manufacture an illness and are surprised to end up in hospital. And yet, we really thought our lives were successful…

Learning how to live again.

Being or HavingIt’s not about ceasing to earn money. That’s not possible. Life has to go on. But it must never go on to the detriment of one’s being. People are taught to fend for themselves, to struggle and fight and rise up in society, but never to live. Yet from early infancy, even pregnancy, children understand everything. They sense, see and hear everything. If instead of being brought up in a structure where the majority of people work only for money, children could grow up in a loving structure, they will be enriched and be only too happy to flourish. That’s why the family unit is so important. It’s a question of life and death for our society…In future societies, “getting rich” will be meaningless. Men will no longer base their actions and thoughts on monetary systems, which are delusional, but instead on a system of love and mutual understanding. Tomorrow’s society will only be possible if we learn how to live again.