Dare to love

To love and be loved

Love can’t be measured, it can’t be weighed. It’s not quantifiable. In the end, we don’t really know what love is. So we ignore it, we leave it to the specialists - artists, poets, idealists. And so we miss the most essential part of our lives.

We hide our emotions

We all are able to love. But to be able to love others, we must love ourselves, and to love ourselves we must feel the love of God. If we don’t feel His love, it’s because we are stuck on the treadmill of our thoughts, habits and fears.

For generations, we were prevented from expressing our feelings, our joys, our sadness, our emotions; we were prevented from showing who we truly are. Love is a state of being. It is the expression of our soul, of our divine being.

Love can transport us

…Look at the apostles and disciples when they were close to Christ; they didn’t even feel the passage of time, they didn’t notice night falling, they were there, they stayed on, they didn’t want to leave. They weren’t just captivated by his words, but by the love which emanated from Him. His word was Love. It’s the love that emanates from someone that moves us, transports us, and gives us vital energy. God is love – that means that all creation is made out of love.”

“Love cannot live if we remain static. It is an energy which does not belong to the material world, to the flora or fauna or the mineral world. It is much bigger than that - love creates. Love is not created.”

“Love is impalpable, you can’t confine it or sequester it ... it can’t be bought or sold. In comparison, precious metals are worth nothing. Become aware that you possess the greatest jewel there is, allow it to guide you. Then you will really know what love is.”

Yvonne Trubert

And yet …

But we know this special feeling when we love. We know these fugitive moments when the world no longer matters, when nothing belongs to us, when we feel fully connected with another world. But then we fall again; our mind clouds over, we feel small, crushed, judged, troubled, guilty. And so in turn we protect ourselves by judging, analyzing, selecting, classifying. We close up, when instead, we should be handing ourselves over to God.

Accepting love

We tend to imagine God as a character. But He is mostly light, pure energy, love. God is Love and Love is God. It is through this Love that we will reach serenity, inner peace. To leave Him room within us, we have to distance ourselves from our mental system, forget about our belongings, forget about our knowledge. We must allow the heart to lead us. It’s not a matter of will power. That will only lead to hypocrisy, pretence, appearances. We must surrender to Him, to His Love. He doesn’t judge us. He is within us. There are no limits to His Love for us. Surrender to His Love, so that, in turn, we may love unconditionally.