Do we have the right to inner peace?

In a world of war and suffering

More than just an individual quest, the search for inner peace allows us to help others. Where does it come from? From the Father. How does one access it? Through prayer. 

A soul amongst wolves

A divine spark, our soul can only find nourishment through love. Instead, it is thrown in a world of predators where there is no peace. Children’s souls encounter their first conflicts very early within the family structure. The soul is already faced with a lack of love. The pain appears and stops the soul in its actions. Manifested by this lack of love, fear sets in, further amplified by anxiety and stress.

Man’s peace and Christ’s peace

In order to fully understand what inner peace is, we must always remember Christ. The peace he gives us, of which he speaks, is what he taught his apostles for many years. Man’s peace is written on paper. It is therefore transmitted through writings, agreements between chiefs of States, military leaders. This kind of peace is never lasting, in fact it is always broken, since wars start all over again where peace agreements have been signed.

So, what is the difference between the peace Christ speaks of and the other one? Why is it so important for humans? This peace is quite simply our inner life. We have been created in the likeness of God. Our soul, divine spark, is the perfect image of God the Father, since we are born of him, and therefore his children.”

Yvonne Trubert

As adults, when surrounded by all kinds of aggressiveness, we no longer know how to listen to our soul’s voice and we too begin to respond with aggression. The people who do not think like us become our enemies. Our soul is more and more locked up within our bodies. Day after day, we hear about the world’s great suffering, wars and catastrophes and this makes us anxious. So we want peace but are incapable of finding it, even for our own selves.

Prayer reconnects us to our soul

Who will manage to give the imprisoned, fragmented , walled-in soul, the message of love that it’s life depends on? Prayer will. If music makes our inner ear vibrate, prayer makes the soul vibrate. It is the language we use with God. Christ tells us to pray for those we know, for our friends, for those we love, but especially for the souls of our enemies, those who are against us. Inner peace can only come if we realize the immensity of God’s love for each and everyone of us. Prayer is the blooming of the soul, it is love in its purest state.

To love without suffering for the other

Inner peace reappears when our soul returns to its original state. Then we are no longer affected by the actions of others, not by baseness, nor aggressiveness or hypocrisy. It is there serenely present in us.: we have given it the nourishment it needed. It’s not that it doesn’t react to other people’s pain. We may cry when faced with their distress. But the soul is just troubled. It sheds pearls which are our tears as if to say: “I am in communion with others.” This communion, is to reach the soul of others who suffer without suffering for them.

Peace equals the gift

Hundreds of deaths, families in mourning, fights everywhere, all these sufferings do exist. How can one be indifferent? In order to remain peaceful when confronted with them, we must be in such a state of love that we can always give some out. Peace is equal to the gift. Whilst we are at peace, we can always give. The gift is the sharing. The sharing is prayer, listening to others, comforting him/her, always be there when they need us. Peace is to accept with humility everything that is sent to us to make us grow, so that we may love others totally with the serenity that Christ asks of us.