God is humour

To love is also to laugh

From the lightness that allows us to laugh at ourselves to the joyfullness that immunises us against anxiety, humour is our indispensable companion in facing the struggles of everyday life. 

Humour is to go beyond established patterns

In order to protect himself and gain respect from others, Man hides behind a self-created mask of seriousness. People who are too serious are afraid of being transparent and being found out. They are bound in their iron collars. We all play roles in order to face the hardships of life.


Jesus Christ, but not Sad Jesus

God did not come as an Icon, He came as a Man

« In the old testament it is written that wine, inebriation, dance and joy were part of life. The Creator made them. Christ too danced with his friends. He celebrated with wine at Canaan’s and many other weddings. Do you imagine that he didn‘t laugh with his friends, blushed at some awkward situations when he was a teenager ? He too went through the pangs, impressions and shyness of that age. He overcame it all by laughter ».

Yvonne Trubert

We even display rigidity when we try to prove our spiritual evolution, a behaviour often hard and inquisitorial. Humour is to accept that we are, in fact, playing a role, It’s to be able to laugh at the silliness of our attitudes, our ways of thinking, at ourselves. We are, in the end, the comics in the story. 

Humour is a bridge between physical and spiritual life

The spiritual and material worlds cannot be separate. In this alliance, humour occupies a big place. Not all is rosy in this life, our progress is often the result of constant effort and struggle. So then, why not cherish the pleasure of laughing, being joyful and smiling so as to heal our old barely-closed wounds ? Life is much simpler than we think. Humour is liberating. God loves joyfulness. Humour leads us to joy and joy to humour. Humour is the presence of Christ in us that makes us laugh about our problems and mistakes.

Humour is also a means of communication

If love is a force, laughter is another. When one can laugh, one lightens-up a situation, one can convey a message, but if one is too serious, the message won’t be received at all. Humour allows the mind to expand. It is a window of the soul. We must know how to make use of it.

Joyfulness : a higher dimension

Joy belongs to our human dimension. Happiness is a permanent state of joy that cannot only be expressed through words. One feels it. It ‘s a state, a communication with our Creator. When it is present, we can overcome our fears of being ridiculed, of being judged by others, we abolish all negative thoughts.

The daily feeling of celebration is not to laugh about others, but to choose laughter over guilt or self-pity when confronted with those seemingly ill-timed situations. Let’s drop our narrow- mindedness. Let’s expand out thoughts and hearts. Let’s laugh at our victories as well as our defeats.