Why do we work ?

Money, needs

We spend the most part of our days at work. To provide for our needs. Yes, but which needs?

Slaves to our needs

We live in a system of dependence on matter. Modern life creates increasing needs which tie us down to a multitude of machines and to systems which, we believe, make our lives easier. We spend our lives looking for means of obtaining them, and then spent a huge part of our energy on paying for, storing, maintaining, and preserving them.

For many of us, all this requires means we don’t have. The result is a permanent imbalance in human society. Not to mention long term unemployment which leads some people into depression and exclusion.

Is there something missing from your work?

When we work to earn our living, it is obvious that we work for a salary, for the "salt" of our life or to give taste to life. And therefore, without this taste for life, it is not possible for us to work properly. Why does work ennoble man? Because it gives him back his dignity. And with this “salary” we will be able to taste all the little joys of existence. Christ mentions salt. He says: "If the salt has lost its flavour, if salt has no saltness left, what will become of the food? » He wants to tell us that it is not only about physical food, but also spiritual nourishment. The salt of our spiritual food is truly the gift of oneself. It’s about going to the source and building our life upon this source we have received in order to share it with others.

Yvonne Trubert

Obsessed with work

For some, the world of work has become a hobby, something fashionable. It occupies the centre of our life today. We speak about work non-stop. Yet work ennobles nobody when it generates fear, hatred, jealousy, when it becomes a pretext to worship the money god. In companies, we fight to keep or improve our post, even if it means harming someone at the other end of the work chain or in the next door office. We’ve lost sight of the essence of our existence. We no longer know where man’s dignity is.

Saving time

We should think about the time we devote to our work in comparison to the salary which we receive. Is it really worth working so hard and spending so many hours at it considering the short span of our lives? Wouldn’t it be preferable to have more time to reconsider our social life, our family life? Wouldn’t the time devoted to obtaining a slightly higher salary be better used for the good of others?

There are many things that need to be thought through, but first within ourselves. Everyone can ask themselves some real questions: what’s the purpose of my life? Where is God in my life when I’m at work? What fills me with joy: work, the salary which I receive for it, or my family life, or what I do for others?

The joy of sharing

And what if we were to change our way of thinking… Work is a noble thing when it is carried out for the purpose of satisfying our essential needs; and also as a form of exchange with others. Then we are doing what God asks of us. In the joy of sharing.