Why pray?

Repetitive prayer, reciting words and phrases, seems mechanical. However, if we do it with our heart, it is a key that opens communication with God, for everyone’s benefit.

An act of love

What are we doing when we pray? We are speaking to our Father. With no intermediary. Prayer is the means to speak directly to God. When we pray like this, He listens. It’s not about praying for the sake of praying, praying out of fear or making a show of praying. Christ asks us to pray out of love. Unconditional love. The secret is to pray from the heart. Prayer lifts up in flight and in the same second falls back down like a rainfall of love on those to whom we send it.

Harmonization is prayer that flows out through your hands.

It is both a message of love to the soul and a set of movements made with tenderness and an infinite respect for the body in order to relieve stress and tension. It gives those who receive it a sense of relaxation, peace and inner harmony which enables them to view their commitments in life with more serenity and freedom.

Harmonization is available upon request in all IVI centres. Harmonization is complementary to, and does not replace, any medical treatment.

For our friends and for our enemies

Prayer is essential for man’s survival. It’s not a conversation. Prayer is an action, an energy used for the wellbeing of all. It is expressed with vitality, like all things that are pleasing to us, and in joy with an awareness of being a child of God. Our prayers are important for our families, our friends, to provide relief for those who suffer in hospitals, prisons, for those who are alone, abandoned, forgotten, but also for our enemies. By releasing them from the chains that bind them, we also release ourselves.


Prayer is a key that leads us into another dimension. So as not to close the door to it, not to shrink our universe, we have to forget our doubts and lay down rational thought for a while. We pray, God does the rest. We emit the signal and the soul deciphers it. We are not addressing a judge when we pray, but a Father who loves us and in return asks us only to trust Him. Once mankind has understood this unconditional relationship, it will totally change.

No longer alone

man prayingWe often go searching for God in faraway places, thousand of miles away. Look at the Hebrews: they crossed the Red Sea to go to Mount Zion. Then they went towards Jerusalem, which means “city of the soul”, where God resided. But Jesus came to break this pattern. He wanted to tell us that God is not on mountain tops, nor in Jerusalem. The city of the soul is within us. It is up to you to find it, to draw from the source, to become clear sighted and to know how to hear. This is how Christ led humanity to this possibility of communicating without any intermediary. Do you know what a privilege this is? With no intermediary, you are one with God. This is the message Christ taught:«I am in my Father and my Father is in me. If I am in you and you are in me, we are one». Just realizing this should make us feel less alone.”

Yvonne Trubert