Great Gathering of Young People

Since 1999, the year of the first Great Gathering (GG) of young people from all over the world, the event is eagerly anticipated by the younger members of Invitation to Life and their friends!

A Great Gathering lasts for about ten days. It's open to all young people from the ages of 12 to 30 years of age, whether or not they are members of Invitation to Life, and regardless of their nationality or religion.

The activities of the GG are organised around a theme chosen by the young people themselves:

  • The New World (GG in France, 1999)
  • New Mankind (Brazil, 2002)
  • Equilibrium (Mexico, 2006)
  • Be The Change (Germany, 2010)
  • "Feel Paradise, Create it" (Spain, 2012)

The activities help the participants to discover, evolve, amuse themselves, and to understand that through the personal transformation of each person, it is possible to contribute to the transformation of the world.

Heaven on Earth

In 2012, in Spain, the GG assembled 350 young people from more than 20 countries. They shared their experiences, and thought about the present and the future that they would like to live, by participating in creative group activities and workshops of artistic and musical expression.

The young people of Spain chose the theme « Feel Paradise, Create it » - in other words, understand that we are the creators of this paradise which is alive within every one of us.

For a year, united in prayer, a team of the young people of Spain prepared the event's main activities – these were the soul of the gathering, and were created for all the young people of the different continents and widely-different cultures who were soon to be welcomed,

The Heavenly place chosen for the gathering was in Andalusia, in the mountainous Nature Park Sierra Norte, near Seville – the participants stayed for 10 days in July 2012. It was as if time had stopped.

One afternoon, they followed one of the most celebrated pilgrimages in Spain, at Huelva. After having walked across the National Park of Doñana, they arrived at the gates of the hermitage of the Blessed Virgin of Rocío, which the local inhabitants call La Blanca Paloma (The White Dove).

Great Gathering in Spain, July 2012

A few words from the participants

"It was my first GG. It was my own personal decision to come. I'm truly astounded by all this joy, this love that we're not used to experiencing in our everyday lives, where it's mostly the image that counts."

"For me, it's the only only place in the world where I've been able to cry like that… There's so much love between the people here, and it seeems to me that it comes directly from the heart and emotions. I feel that I can unburden myself of all the negative things that happen in life."

"The 4 hours of group sharing in the afternoon were really incredible, really the most intense 4 hours of the GG… There were very personal and very profound stories for everyone, I've never heard anything like it before. I needed that to understand that the 7 days of activity during the GG were 7 days of transformation, thanks to love, union and the invisible."

"I learned a lot of new things. I feel in my heart that we can achieve all our objectives with faith and perseverance."

"I’m 28, but I feel like a child here. I receive a lot of love, and I can give that love back to everyone. For me, it's really Paradise. Thanks to everyone. I shall be a child of this GG for ever.."

Next meeting : the GG in Columbia in 2015!