Africa 2014

Invitation to Life in Africa and on the islands of the Indian Ocean

A pilgrimage for 100 people is being organised on the island of Madagascar, as are two seminars, in Ethiopia and on Mauritius, during which more than 80 people will learn to harmonise.

Invitation to Life is present in more than 20 countries, and since its foundation in 1983, it has undertaken numerous pilgrimages and visits on the African mainland and in the Indian Ocean: Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Niger, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar.

Prayer, harmonisation and personal transformation

These pilgrimages and visits gave birth to prayer groups in Africa: some have already learned how to harmonise at past seminars. Now, in 2014, more than 80 new people wish to learn how to harmonise and to continue on their path of personal transformation through prayer. It is an immense joy to share this teaching with our brothers and sisters from Africa and the Indian Ocean, who could not attend the seminars in Europe because it was impossible to get visas.

So between 15 April and 8 May 2014, Invitation to Life is organising two seminars, on Mauritius and in Ethiopia. These will be preceded by a pilgrimage to Madagascar. Wonderful days of prayer and sharing await us. 200 volunteers of our association are mobilising to accompany our friends from Africa and the Indian Ocean in this beautiful adventure.

Mobilisation for Africa around the world

In order to make a success of this event, in every country where Invitation to Life is present, members of the association are propagating prayers, donations, activities and parties around the theme of Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Pilgrimage in Etiopia, 2009

Pilgrimage in Ethiopia, Novembrer 2009