Invitation to Life is partnering
with International Women Broken Walls

International Women Broken Walls (in French FIMB: Femmes Internationales Murs Brisés) is an international solidarity network which is linking together individuals, associations and businesses for common action around 3 topics: education, humanitarian aid and environment.

It is important that solidarity networks be developed within a country as well as abroad. Women, who are now a real vector of action, play an essential role in the reactivity of solidarity.

For more information about FIMB :

The action of 20hrs

FIMB invites us to participate in the "action of 20hrs".  This is a union of meditations lasting 2 minutes, every evening, with the following intention:  "The protection of children and all those who suffer."

20 million people around the world are already involved in this « 20hrs ». Let us be numerous in supporting this prayer!

At the same time, IVI and FIMB are running a joint action: IVI-Rio de Janeiro has welcomed an FIMB mission with the aim of preparing the creation of a dispensary for children in Salvador de Bahia.

Other initiatives are also being elaborated.