How Invitation to Life (IVI) began

The association Invitation to Life was started in 1983, the initiative of a woman called Yvonne Trubert.

At that time, Yvonne was in her fifties. Mother of four children, and already a grandmother, she had continually given all her spare time to people who were in difficulty, while continuing her professional activities. From 1976, the demand had become so great that she decided to devote herself entirely to the growing numbers of people who came knocking at her door, looking for someone who would listen, looking for love, for consolation.

In 1982, Yvonne invited about twenty of these visitors to form a prayer group. Very quickly, she opened a second, then a third. In 1983, together, they founded the ecumenical association known as Invitation to Life (Association under the French law of 1901). The first centre was opened in Boulogne, near Paris. Since then, centres have multiplied throughout France, in Europe, and throughout the world.