The activities in Invitation to Life

In the centres

IVI centres are places of welcome, prayer, harmonisation and listening which are open to all comers. Anyone can come for revitalisation with or without an appointment. The centres are run on a charitable and voluntarily basis so that every visitor may be welcomed, listened to, harmonised and consoled.


Sometimes we need to be listened to in order simply to take stock or express what we feel: our joys, our hopes, but also our worries, disappointments and suffering, those we know and also deeper, hidden ones.

Listening, as practised in one-to-one interviews in IVI, is a matter of allowing the other person to express what’s troubling him/her. It requires accepting the other person as he is, without wanting to give advice, without psychological analysis. Listening non-judgementally and compassionately helps the other person to rediscover himself/herself and to entrust to God through silent prayer everything that is expressed in the session.

Interviews are provided upon request in IVI centres



Harmonisation is always carried out in prayer and is an exceptionally gentle and respectful sequence of movements which progressively relaxes and relieves the body of the recipient. By liberating tensions built up through stress, guilt or worry, it helps remove the state of suffering that prevents wellbeing.

Beyond the feeling of relaxation and lightness it creates, harmonisation affects all levels of being. It helps one fulfil one’s life’s commitments with greater serenity.

Harmonisation is provided upon request in IVI centres.

Harmonisation under no circumstances replaces any other therapy.

Read the outcomes of the research about the neurophysiological effects of harmonisation (ISSSEEM journal, 2006)

Life in the centres may be punctuated with reflective meetings on themes regarding daily life, with convivial gatherings and prayer evenings. IVI centres are also places for artistic expression: for artistic exhibitions, choral concerts, plays and dance.

SOS Listening

SOS EcouteA telephone helpline called “SOS LISTENING” provides a compassionate presence and prayer support, and spiritual help. All calls and prayer requests are confidential.

For SOS Listening USA on Friday evenings 7 to 11:00 pm (Eastern standard time), dial 
#1 314-317-9988

For SOS Listening France, dial
#33 1 47 61 95 95

In the groups

If they so desire, any visitor to a centre may enhance their quest for inner transformation by joining a prayer group. Once a week, these groups meet at the home of one or other of the participants to pray, talk of their experiences, and share a friendly meal. These weekly meetings reveal to each and every one their own personal doubts and questioning and lead to the discovery of the divine part which lives deep within us all. It is an invitation to open one’s heart, the possibility of learning to love again.

Little by little, real bonds are created, woven in prayer, where tolerance and compassion lose their connotation of duty, and are experienced in greater depth and truth.

Repas dans un groupe IVISharing is a powerful and universal tool for transformation and replenishment - work shared with others and for others.

Ever since the birth of the association, groups have continued to open regularly all over the world.


Since 1984, Invitation to Life has invited its members to pilgrimages in France, Europe, in the Americas (from Canada to Chile), in Russia, and in Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu).

Pilgrimages and International Gatherings - the principal destinations visited :

Lisieux (France) – Mont St. Michel (France) – Santiago de Compostela (Spain) – Carnac (Brittany – France) – from Rome to Florence – Greece – Reims (France) – The Holy Land – Egypt – Pontmain (France) – Turkey – Scotland – Vezelay (France) – Ireland – Mexico – From Bourges to Pellevoisin (France) – Poland – Auvergne (France) – Yugoslavia – Cornwall (Great Britain) – Portugal – Switzerland – Burgundy (France) – Rouen (France) – Belgium – Holland – Perigord (France) – Italy – Canada – Spain – Sainte Baume (France) –Tenere desert (Africa) – Niger – from Bayonne to Lourdes (France) – Paris (France) – Brazil – Russia – from Carnac to Seville (France–Spain) – Israel – Annecy (France) – Niamey (Niger) – Santander (Spain) – Germany – Mauritius – Reunion – Denmark – Thailand – New Zealand – Australia – Argentina – Ecuador – Vanuatu – Cameroon – Peru – England – Madagascar – Austria – Scandinavia – Romania – Bulgaria – Argentina - USA – Netherlands – Chile – Easter Island.

Throughout the ages, we human beings have felt the need to energize ourselves by travelling the world, in order to reconnect with the sacred bond which, though perhaps forgotten, remains part of us all. To journey as a pilgrim is an inner undertaking which becomes meaningful at certain key moments in our lives.

A pilgrimage is a privileged opportunity to take a few days off from our ordinary daily life, from our comfort and our habits, and meet new individuals, new peoples, new customs, and lands about which we know very little.

Making a pilgrimage is also a way of opening our awareness to the beauty and diversity of creation in all its forms - the masterpieces of sacred art, architecture, painting and sculpture, but also to the beauty of the flora and fauna. Becoming a pilgrim means giving ourselves the chance to witness the marvels of life, to enrich ourselves with all these differences. 

The engagement of a pilgrim is also an engagement in prayer. Praying together, in numbers, could be for peace in the heart of all humankind, for peace in our families, for peace between nations, for peace with the past and history, for peace between humans and nature, and so on. Prayers may also include praying for particular kinds of peace as may be needed by the lands which are visited.

Other activities


The association publishes a magazine called “The Book of IVI”. These quarterly issues are a reflection of the life of the association. The magazine offers excerpts of Yvonne Trubert’s interviews and conferences, and also publishes accounts and personal stories of the journeys, pilgrimages and activities of members, who write to share their realisations and life experience.

Yvonne Trubert’s conferences and interviews, from France and all over the world, are available on audio cassettes or CD’s at the Paris (Boulogne) centre, and centres around the world or via mail order. Many of these recordings have been translated into 11 languages. 

Books and video films are also available.

Some of these recordings are available for non-members.


Traditionally, Invitation to Life celebrates two festive occasions, gatherings which are open to all members and their families and friends. These are the association’s general assembly in June, and the Christmas party in December. 

IVI also organises “Open House” days and prayer walks. Various international meetings are also on the agenda throughout the year.