IVI's message

What is the message of Invitation to Life? It’s the message of Jesus Christ. It’s a message of love, peace, life. It’s an invitation to life in all its fullness, harmony with oneself and others. But this message is not only addressed to Christians. It’s destined for all, whatever their faith, believers or not. There is no need of a spiritual passport to take possession of the gift that exists within each of us - love. This is the apprenticeship, the adventure which we live in our groups, aided by prayer.

Discovering prayer

This unbreakable connection, which can be practised anywhere, at any time, is prayer. Prayer is the privilege of communicating with God without an intermediary, of being able to confide in our Creator who loves us without restriction. But it must be an immediately tangible experience which we feel in our deepest being. This is what we discover in Invitation to Life.

Discovering our soul

The bible says that “God created man in His own image”. This "image" does not literally mean the appearance of God who is invisible to our eyes, but rather - His essence. The soul is that divine entity which is part of us: our deep identity. As we learn to know it, our life gains new dimensions and references. Increasingly, we can feel our soul vibrate when we are praying, loving or being loved, or drawing back when we feel fearful or anxious.

Letting go of fear

The human being is confronted with countless fears: fear of the future, of unemployment, loneliness, getting old and dying… For many, such fears have grown stronger since the economic crisis at the beginning of the 21st century. In learning to know ourselves, we learn to acknowledge the fears that we live with. And yet, trust and faith are contrary to fear.

Having complete trust in God, who loves us, means finding the assurance that with His help, each one of us can overcome all obstacles in life.

Opening oneself to others

Through discovering our soul, we change our view of ourselves and of others around us. No longer are they strangers, but people with whom we are fraternally linked. Instead of judging and criticizing others, we learn to recognise this soul-to-soul link. Just like ourselves, every person has a deep need to be heard and acknowledged. “If you experiment in being interested in others", Yvonne Trubert says, "then you will then understand the taste of happiness.”