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The best way to know yourself

The injunction to « Know thyself» was written on the temple of Delphi two thousand five hundred years ago and is still the basis of self-development today. François tells us how self-discovery stopped him ducking out of reality and doubting himself.

IVI shone the light of Christ on my life: God burst into my daily life. Mind you, I’m not always aware of this. If I were, I’d be a saint… which I’m not.

Be real

IVI is a revealer. It allows you to know yourself. Everyone wants to know himself; only in IVI, you don’t have any choice. You have to be real. I liked that straight away. If I could have got away with the same old stuff, I’d have left… But with this teaching and this Christ light, I just didn’t want to. The trouble when you’re real is that people don’t always like it! People sometimes have an image of you that’s not what you are, but that’s the image they want. The true you is often very different.

I discovered that other people love me

I also discovered that other people love me and, in IVI, they tell you so. Most people don’t do that. In IVI, even if they don’t like you, they make an effort to love you! It’s not always easy; you have to love yourself first if you want to love others. Like I said: IVI is a revelator. I used to pretend, now I have a better idea of who I am.

Being faithful is being free

Saying yes to God is saying yes to life.

Where did I come from? I don’t really know. My grandson once asked me: where was I before I was born? I told him I had no idea. Where am I going? It’s hard to say… Towards self acceptance, I guess, accepting who I am. If I accept myself the way I am, I will accept my work and everything without complaining. Yes, that’s what I mean: self knowledge. I always used to run away from life, from myself if you like. It’s the first time I’ve stayed in anything so long… I’d like to be unfaithful: when you’re unfaithful, you think you’re free, but in fact you’re not. Just the opposite. You’re freer when you’re faithful, when you honour your commitments. Faithfulness is a daily struggle, above all when you’re someone like me who lacks self confidence. Every day, I’m tempted to leave IVI because it confronts me with myself. It’s really hard to say yes to God. Saying yes to God is saying yes to life.

The struggle of knowing and overcoming oneself

IVI bothers me, in fact, because the teaching faces me with my own laziness. As far as I can see, this laziness comes from deep doubt and, because of this doubt, I have trouble accepting the teaching. At the same time, this forces me to overcome the doubt, i.e. to overcome myself. This path is a permanent struggle of knowing and overcoming yourself. It’s really a core issue for me.