Testimony > Unemployment

Working on oneself

Over a year ago, the company which employed me went bankrupt. It was a job I’d been quite happy in: for a number of years I’d been involved in making all sorts of documentary films. I was really proud of working in television and almost used to show off about it. Then I found myself unemployed…

All of a sudden, after years of non-stop work, there was stillness. Once I got over the initial shock, I thought to myself that there must have been a reason for what had occurred since the difficulties we encounter are catalysts for our inner transformation.

A year’s research

After a year’s reflection, I started jotting my own ideas down on paper, digging deep inside to find my true desires, which I realised my former job hadn’t really fulfilled. Since my teens, I’d dreamed of creating documentary films about nature, about the world’s natural beauty. So I set about meeting people, proposing my ideas and services. This research period lasted almost a year. Throughout this whole year I didn’t feel a moment’s concern. Through my acceptance, I think, and with the daily help of prayer, I was in a state of grace.

Believing in my buried dreams again

Dare to desire what you really want to experience

It was a period of cutting back because unemployment made me realise who my real friends were and distinguish true from false. I could no longer afford to go out as much nor to shop: I could only afford essentials. While working towards my life’s dreams, I felt lighter and lighter and increasingly real. Yvonne told me “Dare to desire what you really want to experience”. These words helped me to move forward without being afraid. I learned how to start believing in my buried dreams again. Over the course of this year, I met the man I feel happy with today. Previously, I’d have passed him by. Recently, I got back from shooting a nature film I’d always dreamed of. I experienced some truly beautiful moments. Finally I felt respected and in my rightful place!

Peeling back the layers in order to reach authenticity

I thank Heaven for this year of unemployment which has led me to my truth and which now allows me to grow in the environment I always dreamed of.

It was a year of peeling back the layers in order finally to reach authenticity, with no cheating, no playing games… Just being myself and putting to use the talents God gave me.